Parks and Open Spaces

Having a place to exercise and be physically active is important to your health.

North Dorchester has very few parks and open spaces, and safety may be a concern.


Whether your community, including its parks and open spaces, is safe can affect how much you exercise.

Within the 12 Wellness Trail Neighborhoods, North Dorchester has the second highest rate of non-fatal assault-related gunshot and stabbing victims.

Closeness to Highways

Your proximity to highways affects your risk for asthma and cardiovascular disease.

“Busy” roadways have over 18,000 cars on an average week day. Both Route 3 and Interstate 93 run through North Dorchester; and it has heavy traffic on Morrissey Blvd (39,000 cars per average week day) and Dorchester Avenue (20,000 cars per average week day).

Healthy Food

Eating healthy reduces your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but it can depend on your ability to find healthy food stores in your neighborhood.

In North Dorchester there are some places where you can buy healthy food: grocery stores, Farmers Markets, and 24 community gardens, however, community gardens often have wait lists.