Welcome to the Wellness Trail.

How healthy you are is a result of many things. For example, there are great differences or health disparities across race. Age, gender, and genetics also play a role in how healthy you are. In addition, your own personal behavior affects your health. Do you exercise? Do you eat right?

Being healthy isn’t only related to your race, age, genetics, or personal behavior. Where you live also affects your health. For example, we know exercise or being active is important for good health. But what if your community doesn’t have safe parks—or any parks—to exercise in? Eating healthy is also important. What if you don’t live near a Farmers Market or a healthy food store and as a result have trouble developing or sticking to healthy eating habits? In some communities, it is difficult to make healthy choices.

The Wellness Trail will tell you about where you live: what some of the disease rates are for your neighborhood, what your neighborhood has to offer in resources affecting your health and what you can do to make it better.

You can also use the Wellness Trail on your mobile phone wherever you are in Boston. This GPS-enabled website will find which neighborhood you’re closest to and provide information about that community. As you browse through the website, you will find that location matters and you can do something to better your health.

How healthy is your neighborhood?